2020 – the year that was the biggest disruptor in recent history to how we do business as well as how we go about our daily lives – is now drawing to a close.  As we finish off the year here at Soft Tech, we’ve taken a look at the top 5 most clicked articles and popular industry topics listed on our website blog for 2020.

Here is a recap:

1. Six reasons you should be using CNC machines

Author: Stewart McMillan, Product Manager

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have brought about positive changes in the manufacturing space for window and door manufacturers. Instead of using machines and many hours of labor, which can be costly, CNC machines have automated these processes and the machine does the work. Software transfers the machining data to the CNC machine to produce the windows and doors, quickly and precisely.  Read more…

2. Software, automation and CNC integration

Author: Slavek Heyduk, Implementation Team Lead APAC

Why automate? It’s a simple question which has some obvious and also not so obvious answers. For most folks running a manufacturing concern, automation makes good sense because it increases production, drives down errors, improves quality control and cut down the cost of labor. However, automation isn’t a one-way street and it comes with costs. It also can and should extend beyond the factory floor, into the executive suite and all the way across the value chain if the full benefit is to be achieved. Read more…

3. Soft Tech enters acquisition deal

Author: Alison Renwick, Marketing Manager

We have some news we’d like to share! Soft Tech are excited to announce today an agreement to be acquired by global software company Compusoft Group, a technology leader in kitchen and bathroom design software. Read more…

4. A Window into the future of glazing

Author: Michael Roe, Technical Support Consultant

What does the future hold for windows? As various types of technology converge and are applied to the humble pane of glass (and its frame, of course), the future possibilities are quite fascinating. Smart windows, self-tinting glass, remote control, and power generation are among the options on the table – and knowing where windows are headed could provide your business with the competitive edge. Read more…

5. COVID-19 Important Update

Author: Tyron Ball, Managing Director – Commercial

The safety and wellbeing of our customers, suppliers and team members is always our highest priority here at Soft Tech. As a result, we are putting in place actions to support our customers, suppliers and valued team. Like most organizations, we continue to closely follow the COVID-19 developments and refer to the appropriate bodies and experts for guidance. Read more…


Added bonus: 2020 Case Studies 

Case Study: How STF have set themselves up for future growth

See Through Facades wanted to design and accurately price glazed aluminium joinery, specifically designed for the Australian market. Read more…

Case Study: Altus Windows see results with latest version of V6

In September this year, Altus released their latest software version to their fabricator network, after embarking on upgrading their systems to the latest version of V6. Read more…


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