Aluminium doors and windows create a contemporary design look and feel. Due to their sleek finish and minimalist feel, aluminium has increasingly been used by residential and commercial property developers in new construction. As transitional living spaces between living and office space have increased as have retail stores combining shop fronts with entertainment facilities, the demand for modern aluminium doors and windows has also increased.

Leading Global Trends

Soft Tech's aluminium windows and doors software solution enables thousands of global users to be at the forefront of these emerging trends in building construction. From being able to create drawings in a 3D virtual environment to automatically generate quotations at any point during the design phase, Soft Tech ensures flexibility that a modern workforce requires.

Catering for Simple to Sophisticated Use Cases

Soft Tech's software solution is incredible flexible. From the minimum requirements of an individual sales person servicing the residential homes market to the sophisticated needs of an estimation team working on windows and doors for apartment complexes and commercial buildings. Whether you require a stand alone windows and doors software platform or seek integration with CRM, ERP and other back end systems, Soft Tech is the premier choice.

Re-imagine Organizational Performance

Is your business operation as silo's of design, estimating, operations, accounting, manufacturing and delivery. Soft Tech’s professional services team can identify and help you transform old practices with our advanced aluminium windows and doors software platform. Modern building construction requires teams using the latest software that integrates all these departments within your business, harnessing efficiency and generating more profits.

Partnering for Longer Term Success

Soft Tech begin every engagement with in depth discussions to understand your business. We listen and hold off talking about technology. Our 20 years of experience has endowed our professional services team with deep industry knowledge. During the discovery process, our team imparts this wisdom in engaging conversations. Soft Tech’s mission is to go beyond a software license for aluminum doors and windows. We build business cases, work on database schema’s and are side by side with training your team during and after implementation.

Our Commitment

The commitment Soft Tech makes for long term customer success underpins our 20 years history of servicing customers globally. In the same way that aluminium windows and doors create greater space and light into buildings, your business can be modernized with Soft Tech.

Work how you want to

Our platform is designed to be customized so it works the way you want it to.

We customize for you
Our developers can customize the software to work how you want it to. From business rules and data entry screens, to reporting and integration, and much more.

Customize it yourself
You can make modifications to the software front end and improve your workflows so your team can work your way.

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