Easily share up to date product, pricing and specification information with your dealer network

For Manufacturers who have a ‘Dealer’ network that want and need to quote their own projects and sell complete whole units quickly and efficiently - without any Soft Tech V6 knowledge.

View the Dealer Web Module video below:
Dealer Dashboard V3

Dealer Management Dashboard

For Manufacturers, keep on top of your dealer network requirements with the Dealer Module Dashboard. Gain unique intelligence to help manage incoming workload effectively while tracking estimates, orders, sales and geographic metrics.

Drawing Board Based Configurator for Dealers

Dealers can easily create frames requiring complex customization and dimensioning, e.g. low rise storefront, with real time 3D rendering for quotes. Send quotes directly to your customer. Once the quote has been accepted, place the order directly with the manufacturer, reducing quoting/ordering time for dealers.

Dealer Quote Items

Web-based Application
Enables easy project management, quoting and ordering of whole units - full fabricated ready to install off the shelf or custom designed doors and windows.

Pre-set Product Suite
Configure windows & doors by choosing a pre-set suite of products, setting configuration options or manipulating custom frames through a 3D graphical drawing board.

Behind the scenes; the Dealer web module interfaces with the Manufacturer’s V6 application. This conduit provides an up-to-date product catalogue with pricing to the Dealer.

Production Scheduling
Once an order is submitted, this will trigger the job to be scheduled into production inside the manufacturer’s fabrication facility via their V6 database.

Management Tools
Dealers are provided with the tools to manage their own clients, contacts, staff, margins, overheads, projects, quotes and submission of purchase orders directly to the Manufacturer.

Benefits of using Dealer Web Module

Whether you are a manufacturer providing whole products and associated pricing to a dealer network, or you are a dealer wanting to produce your own custom professional and accurate quote estimates - with easy ordering, Dealer Web Module provides a web based solution for you:

Architecture of System

Who is this suited to?

  • Residential windows & doors, Aluminum, PVC, Timber, Steel
  • Commercial aluminum windows and doors
  • Shop fitting & Storefront

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