Soft Tech recently completed a project with Jacqui Robertson, Group IT Manager of InteriorCo Pty Ltd, customizing an interface solution between V6 and the existing ERP system at subsidiary company Queensland Glass. 

The turning point

The Soft Tech V6 macro to ERP solution was tailored to Queensland Glass requirements and involved creating graphics for frames and extrusions for each unique V6 quote/order moving through their large manufacturing facility.  Currently the process is a manual and paper based function, posing a risk of information being misplaced and production downtime in a worst case scenario.

The turning point in the realization came from InteriorCo Pty Ltd Group MD, when he identified that they could be working to a more streamlined process in this area of the Queensland Glass facility. He subsequently put together an idea to import the system data from V6 into their ERP, which would create visibility for the first time in this area, lowering the risks associated with their current process.


After bringing Soft Tech and their ERP supplier together collaboratively, Queensland Glass moved forward to begin working on the proposed macro solution. This involved extracting data from V6 into their ERP, such as the BOM (Bill of Materials) headers and details, and enhancing their ERP’s current functionality to enable the process improvement between the two systems.  This will assist greatly with their planning and manufacturing processes.  The project is due to go live within the next 6 weeks.

When asked about her experience working with Soft Tech on this project, Jacqui commented, “It’s been a pleasure working with Soft Tech, really easy and accommodating for the changes we’ve requested, and getting these done as quickly as possible.” Jacqui went on to say she is very pleased with the end result, and is certain that when it does go live, it’s going to be a really good project, with good benefits to the company.


Queensland Glass, based in Queensland, Australia, is one of Australia’s premier suppliers of glazing, aluminium and environmental graphics to the commercial services sector.

Their portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects in the building and construction sector from shop and office fit-outs, internal and external refurbishments, through to glazed facades and specialist architectural solutions.

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