Soft Tech is excited to announce the global roll out of their mobile enabled production and labor scheduling software for fabricators.

The software transforms manual scheduling into an effortless process, with the added innovative mobile feature allowing for the measurement of the manufacturing processes from anywhere in the factory.

Soft Tech’s production and labor scheduling solution puts a stop to manual scheduling with whiteboards and spreadsheets, and gives businesses better control of their factories and manufacturing.

This innovative software solution easily manages a large volume of orders and monitors bottlenecks to help eliminate these, with great reporting capabilities an added bonus.

Since the release of our innovative solution, customer feedback has shown it surpasses expectations.

‘Manufacturers were experiencing problems with manual scheduling and now they have the opportunity not only to have this process automated, but also have the capacity to update the jobs from anywhere in the factory. This is a win for staff and management’ says Soft Tech’s CEO Anne Coulter.

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More about … Soft Tech provides software for the window and door industry. The company has a reputation for providing fast and accurate design, estimation and manufacturing solutions. It supports over 10,000 window and door manufacturers, dealers and suppliers globally, including some of world’s largest and most complex businesses. Founded in 1988, Soft Tech now has offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Turkey and India.

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