Seamlessly and securely manage updates via the new Soft Tech Deployment Platform

Soft Tech launched the new Deployment Platform in March to systems supplier customers working on V6 v3.6 and above. For systems suppliers in the window and door industry, the Deployment Platform is a cloud hosted web platform that is used to seamlessly and securely manage fabricator network updates.

Systems suppliers

Systems suppliers manage updates via a supplier portal with automated processes to validate their updates. The portal gives complete visibility of the updates across their entire fabricator network, with the ability to set permission levels for users.

They have control to push out updates to their fabricator network quickly and efficiently, with the functionality to select one or many fabricators to receive the update at one time. The portal is set up to receive immediate notifications of any errors that may arise during the deployment of an update, with the option to disable a released update if an error is detected. 


System suppliers sign up new fabricators to their network from within the supplier portal. Once a fabricator’s profile is created, they receive an email invitation to activate and download Soft Tech Update to their system. Soft Tech Update sits on the fabricator’s PC which will allow them to check for and securely download future updates from their suppliers. 

Systems suppliers can configure Soft Tech Update to apply V6 updates for each machine a fabricator has V6 installed on. It authenticates the process between the systems supplier and the fabricator by virtual handshake.


The benefits of the deployment platform to both systems suppliers and fabricators include the ease of use and peace of mind with secure updates, offering clear visibility across the fabricator network from a systems supplier point of view. Fabricators will have access to quickly and easily check for and update to the latest software versions, without allocating extra time and resources to ensure the update is successful.

If you are a systems supplier currently working in V6 and would like to see a demo of Deployment Platform, please contact your Soft Tech Account Manager or local support office.

If you are a fabricator, interested in finding out more about Soft Tech Update, please get in touch with your supplier to see if this is an option for you.

Take a look at our Deployment Platform demo video here for further details.

Here’s what our customers have to say about Soft Tech Deployment Platform:

My first look at the deployment platform looks very promising. This will remove much of the complexity that surrounds V6 updates, both from the system suppliers perspective as well for the end user.”
Rod Hurley, Technology Solutions, AWS | Architectural Window Systems Pty Ltd

Soft Tech Deployment Platform will help database developers release updates to clients efficiently and with ease.”
Steve Parkes, General Manager, Envirotech Façade Solutions (EFS)