When it comes to systems, processes and technology, “outdated” is one of the biggest problems facing our industry today. A look around the typical window and door company reveals plenty of manufacturers “make do” with slow and inefficient applications and systems that were put in place years ago.

The dangers of outdated systems, process and technology opens your business up to a barrage of threats such as:

1. Lack of Speed

As our world continues to accelerate, so do the demands of our market, clients and suppliers. Using anything that was designed for a pace of yesterday creates cost and inefficiencies that can’t be recovered by just trying harder or spinning the pie pans faster.

2. Business Risk

Cyber-attacks and unsupported hardware and software are just the tip of the iceberg. Equipment without a supply chain of spare parts and process that were put in place for a smaller company are only two more. Working with outdated systems and software means you’re cultivating higher risk within your business.

3. Putting Out Fires

Delayed shipments, missing units on a truck, shipping the incorrect product or manufacturing to the wrong dimensions. These are all areas of critical weakness harming your reputation which require extra time, money and resources to resolve.

4. Customers leaving for Competitors

As your business grows and tries to keep pace with the demands of the quicker market, lead times go up and delivery rates go down. Long wait times and mistakes, along with a lack of innovation to keep up with market demands are major reasons for customers jumping ship.


Taking the time to embark on the journey of change to modernize and future-proof your company, may very well be the most important journey your company will ever take. As we move into the new year, look to new, more efficient processes and take advantage of the technology we’re currently seeing enter the window and door industry to improve the way you run your business.


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