SupplyFlow is an order integration and tracking tool that greatly enhances the efficiency of the materials ordering process.

Soft Tech’s SupplyFlow can operate in stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with V6. Orders for materials are optimised by V6, grouped by supplier, and with SupplyFlow automatically placed on suppliers order processing system. You get immediate verification and tracking, right product, right finish, right length, no keying errors and no delays.

SupplyFlow FAQs

Can I still enter orders manually?

Yes. You can search and select products manually to populate a blank order form. You can also manually add, delete and modify orders sent from V6 or other software.

How secure is SupplyFlow?

Very. The portal is built on Microsoft’s Azure platform and uses secure encrypted communication and industry best practice for optimal security and availability.

How do I load a catalogue?

Our consultants will discuss the best way to add your electronic catalogue to SupplyFlow. Using current or custom formats, you can give your fabricators 24/7 self-service without adding staff.

What are the installation requirements?

None. SupplyFlow needs no installation. Users simply log on via any internet browser – anywhere in the world.

How are fabricators trained?

There’s no need for training. SupplyFlow is so intuitive, users literally learn by doing.

What support is there?

If users have minimal computer experience, Soft Tech staff provide phone support.

What about system management?

The supplier has complete control over system access and catalogue update management.
Clear ‘dashboards’ let customers see their order volume while the supplier can analyse all activity in real time across the fabricator network.

How do I start?

Call or email us or use our online contact form.

Key Features
  • Reduces lead times
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves profitability for both supplier and customer
  • Removes risk and hassle from order process
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