Soft Tech V6 Cloud Hosting is available to you now 

Soft Tech V6 Software has been providing scalable customized solutions for window and door manufacturers for over 30 years.  The revolutionary software assists in managing the design, estimation and manufacturing process.

Soft Tech V6, traditionally a desktop software package has recently been released in a cloud version.

Cloud systems are remotely hosted by a service provider and consumed ‘as a service’ or SaaS. Typically, they are charged as a monthly payment rather than requiring an often-substantial capital investment.

Cloud hosting offers a range of advantages:

Optimized V6

Seamlessly transition your desktop V6 application to Soft Tech’s hosted services. Our hosting solutions are optimized to ensure you get the best performance out of V6.

Ease of Access

Your users can work anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Secure hosting solutions to keep you online and operational.

Hardware managed for you

Remove the need to invest heavily in special hardware, servers and storage devices.

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