User Video Series

In this section, take a closer look into how Soft Tech Basics Works.  View our videos on logging in for the first time; adding your company logo to personalize your quotes and orders; using and changing the pricing matrix; setting your preferred units of measurement for future quotes and orders; and taking a look at the quote options available as well as how to save these to your local PC. 

Logging onto the Virtual Machine

When you register online, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access Soft Tech Basics. This video will outline how you login and access the virtual machine with your unique username and password.

How to add your company logo

This video will show you how to add your company logo to the Soft Tech Basics report via the settings and options.

Lookup Matrix

Here you will be shown an example of how the matrix prices work, the size look up matrix and the options available to you.

Making changes to the Lookup Matrix

View how to add and make changes to the Lookup Matrix Axes.

Draw Type Setup

See how to set up your specific draw type when first logging in, select measurements in millimeters or inches. Your database is then set up to present those draw types and work in your selected units of measurement going forward.

Quote Options

In this video you will see how easy it is to set up default global options for whenever you're creating a new quote.

Save your quotes to a local PC

In this video, you'll see the process of saving your quote to your local machine.