Update V6 via a web portal

One of the main features of Soft Tech Deployment Platform is the ability to update V6 from a web portal. So why didn’t we just call this the Soft Tech Update tool? Well to be honest, there is more than just updating V6 planned for Deployment Platform, so simply calling it an update tool would have undersold the product.

Currently Deployment Platform will update any V6 user’s local application. So, the .exe file and folders that make up V6 can be updated quickly and easily from the desktop application controlled by the Deployment Platform web portal. Even if you don’t have a network of customers using your database, imagine the time you would save by simply adding the latest executable file to the portal and deploying it to your office of V6 user’s simultaneously, at the click of a button.

Not only will this update your user’s V6, it will also run checks and create backups so you can monitor the deployment for any issues via a dashboard view.

Once you’ve initiated an update, you can also view who has updated their V6 and if there were any issues where an update failed. This gives you instant visibility and reassurance, rather than finding out later down the line that a user (or a customer) had an issue with the update.

More Features

As mentioned earlier, we have more planned for this tool, and we are currently in the process of adding other files to Deployment Platform. This will give you the ability to not only update V6 but also update other files that go with V6, for example custom reports. Again, this will use some of the existing built-in technology to easily identify if these transfers were successful or not via a dashboard view.

We have a number of active suppliers on Deployment Platform, which have added more than 550 fabricators, to which we have released over 100 updates.  Of these we’ve seen an overall of 1000+ successful updates of V6 installations.

So at the end of the day, do you have V6? And, do you update your V6? Then you should be using Soft Tech Deployment Platform.

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