As we finish off the year with a bang here at Soft Tech, we take a look at the top ten most clicked articles and popular industry topics listed on our website blog for 2018.

We can see from the below results that introducing the Soft Tech Best Practice Webinar Series in 2018 has been a great success! This is shown not only in the number of times the webinar articles appear in the top ten most clicked articles for 2018, but also in the number of attendees who joined us for the live webinars. We’ll be continuing with this initiative in 2019 too.

Here is a recap of the top ten articles with summary listed below.  Read the full article by clicking on the headline.

Automating Shop Drawings (Webinar)

Shop drawings can be created using Teigha through the V6 macro language and like a standard report can be produced automatically with no editing required. Both a .pdf file and .dwg file can be generated.

A window into India’s burgeoning fenestration industry

Along with a booming economy, the fenestration industry in India has seen rapid growth and expansion into more exotic materials. General prosperity is behind the demand, along with modernization which has seen the emergence of new ways of shopping, expanded public works and heightened demand for modern city dwellings.

Why ERP cannot match specialist window and door software

Why choose specialist window and door software instead of a standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) product? The simple answer is that ERP software wasn’t designed for the manufacturing side of a window and door maker. There’s just too much variability in your products for ERP to realistically handle.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 sees the introduction of disruptive new technologies, the current trends of automation and data exchange that is beginning to occur in manufacturing technologies. This includes Cyber-physical Systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Cloud ComputingCognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The origin of Soft Tech

Ever wondered where Soft Tech came from? The answer is to be found with me, John Ball, the founder of Soft Tech, while working as a freelance accountant in 1970s New Zealand. I took on a project job for a window and door manufacturer which involved looking at a costing system. I quickly realized that the repetitive tasks involved left plenty of room for human error, and for a computer to help.

Understanding true labor costs (Webinar)

Do you want to know how long a job really takes to manufacture? Ever wondered what percentage of a quote is labor costs and how profitable customer orders are? These are topics covered in our March webinar where I dove into understanding true labor costs.

The complexity of installing software for windows and doors

Regarding the complexity of installing software for windows and doors, one of the things prospective customers regularly ask is ‘why can’t we just install a software package to take control of all aspects of the business in a couple of days’? It’s a good question which doesn’t have a simple answer. But let’s try with a simple answer anyway…

Soft Tech V6 Grouping Agent (Webinar)

The Grouping Agent in Soft Tech V6 is a wizard like tool used to categorize the bill of materials (BOM) in a way that allows users to view different sets of data only relevant to each specific stage of the quote according to rules specified by the user. This offers the flexibility to save, split and track items by groups for various reasons throughout the business process. 

Queensland Glass V6 Macro to ERP Solution

The Soft Tech V6 macro to ERP solution was tailored to Queensland Glass requirements and involved creating graphics for frames and extrusions for each unique V6 quote/order moving through their large manufacturing facility.  Currently the process is a manual and paper based function, posing a risk of information being misplaced and production downtime in a worst case scenario.

How to drive V6 like a Project Manager

The latest version of V6 has a tool called Project Manager, a very useful tool for the commercial high-rise fabricator or any user of V6 that needs to separate and identify stages of a project. The tool allows a quote to be broken down to show how many different types of doors and windows make up that order. 

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