As business owners and sales leaders, we have a growing list of requirements when hiring sales professionals. The important role technology plays both in our businesses and in how our customers want to be engaged is at the forefront.

The traditional ‘show room’ still has a role to play, but businesses who turn their attention to current and emerging technologies for their sales process get more windows out the door. Let’s look at the growing role of technology in sales, and how this may affect your business in the future.

CRMs, quoting platforms, email, video conferencing and 3D modelling technologies have changed the game. The question I put to you is ‘are your business processes and sales professionals evolving fast enough to ensure you are competitive in today’s market?’

Consider these four key areas as you take your organisation and sales department on this journey:

1. Embrace technology

Embrace technology from the top to the bottom. The benefits are endless for all teams including streamlining processes, saving time and increasing productivity.

I have seen organisations recruit talented sales professionals who are tech savvy and ready to function in modern sales’ environments. Sadly, the organisation’s lack of ability to adapt to the world of technology holds the salesperson back. Don’t let this be you, embrace technology and its benefits.

2. Recruit the right skills

Recruiting good sales talent was hard enough, now it’s even harder with the need for them to be technology experts as well. Consumers and corporate customers expect to be engaged through technology, and your sales talent needs to be comfortable and competent operating in this space.

Staff need to be comfortable with computers, tablets, smart phones and all the applications that will support your business functions. Otherwise technology will be met with resistance and inefficiencies.

Check out David Esler’s article on ‘Recruiting in a technology era’ for more information and insights 

3. Invest in technology

Embracing technology within your sales organisation is going to require not only a cultural investment, but a financial investment too. Prioritising and phasing in technology to support your sales processes and team will help you to manage costs and minimize business interruption during the transition. 

Depending on where you are on your technology journey, here are some technologies to help you get more windows out the door:

4. Stay plugged in

Technology is constantly evolving, so hold on tight! Stay up to date with new and emerging trends and opportunities by:

  • surrounding yourself and engaging with people in the know.
  • reading more and building your tech vocabulary.
  • not fearing new technologies. As daunting as it may seem, they can help your business grow and your staff to be more productive.

These tips will help your business and teams to embrace technology and get the most out of it.  

Technology is here to help

It’s not here to hinder you, it is here to make your life easier, streamline processes and open communication channels. To take full advantage of these benefits take your business and teams on the journey with you and embrace technology!

Are your business processes and sales professionals evolving fast enough in today’s competitive market? I would love to hear your experiences, connect with me through LinkedIn to chat further.