Getting the most out of your software requires knowing as much about it as possible. That’s as true for Microsoft Word as it is for Soft Tech V6 – but note that as a far more flexible and capable software product, there’s a lot more to know about V6. Engaging effectively with Soft Tech’s Support resources is a great way of boosting your knowledge, on the one hand. On the other, knowing just how Support works can be crucial if you run into any problems.

These are essentially the reasons behind our increased focus on the structure and delivery of Support at Soft Tech. We want to be sure that your software is performing optimally within your business. We want to help you upskill and we want to take care of any issues you might encounter, as fast as possible.  

Just a little on me, first

I’ve been moved into the position of Global Support and Training Manager, where I’m responsible for a team of 10 located in various countries around the world. I’ve spent around 23 years with Soft Tech, so I know the product and the company well; I also know our customers well.

Having been in the job for a few months now, some of the changes we’re making should already be apparent. As of April, we’ve moved to a global support model, with people in the United States, Spain, the UK, India and Australia pulling together as a cohesive team. Not only does this allow for escalation to the individuals most experienced with any one particular issue, it also means we’re able to provide global support around the clock. Urgent issues can be addressed, even outside of business hours in your local area. Complex problems will also be escalated to experts in another office.

Support Tickets

It’s probably worth explaining now what I mean by as fast as possible mentioned earlier in the article. We receive around 700 support tickets a month, with issues ranging from the minor, through to business-critical ones. Obviously, it’s necessary to prioritize these and our system does just that, with defined SLAs in accordance with how each ticket is prioritized: urgent, medium and low priority. We collect and analyze metrics on our own performance and constantly look to refine and improve the process, so our customers are always well looked after.

Soft Tech Customer Portal

Now, Support isn’t just about things going wrong. We also offer a forum which is an incredibly useful place for discussing V6 and other windows and doors issues. This is a powerful resource which connects you with your peers, so I strongly encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

Then we have a large and growing library of Knowledge Base articles covering technical and feature aspects of V6, including product updates. Again, I strongly encourage engagement with our Knowledge Base: the better you know V6 and its many features, the better the value you’ll get from the software.

I’d also like to draw attention to how we’ve changed the way the V6 Help File is provided. Back in the day, it used to be on everyone’s computer. That sounds OK, but software by its nature changes constantly, so keeping the file current for everyone was a problem. Now, it’s in your Support Portal and is updated constantly along with V6 itself.

Coming Soon…

Something else we’re busy with and which is ‘coming soon’ is an accreditation course for V6. This will mean your people can, at their own pace, get up to speed on V6, learn tips and tricks, and demonstrate their competence with V6. It’ll complement in-factory hands-on training with videos which take you through building windows in V6 itself.

Finally, Support is also where you can (and a lot of you do) log feature requests or bug reports. We’re always keen to engage and love to hear your ideas and your feedback – so get in touch, either directly with me, Peter Miller or through your Customer Portal.

We’re about maximizing your return on investment from Soft Tech V6. The more we work together, the better we can do that.


Emailing our support team directly at will automatically create an new support ticket, and email you the new ticket details for your records.