Mitch Lewandowski receiving the Crystal Achievement Award

Mitch Lewandowski, VP of Sales – North America, receiving the Crystal Achievement Award

Soft Tech has won the prestigious Crystal Achievement award for its mobile enabled Scheduling Software.

Each year, the Crystal Achievement Awards recognize residential window and door manufacturers and suppliers for their contributions to the industry. The Unique Innovation category recognizes an innovative approach to window and/or door function or design including components, accessories, software programs and machinery.

‘We are thrilled to have won this award and we thank Crystal Achievement Awards for honoring our software. Our Scheduling Software is game changing and gives businesses control of their production, business and costs based on real time data and reports’ said Soft Tech’s CEO Ms Anne Coulter.

Soft Tech saw a gap in the market when they developed their Scheduling Software. It put an end to resource intensive scheduling, on whiteboards and spreadsheets. It allows businesses to manage their workforce and equipment quickly without costly job clashes.

In the past two years the Scheduling Software has been further enhanced with the introducing of mobile features. It allows workers to record their attendance and update completed jobs, from anywhere in the factory, using portable devices.

Soft Tech’s Scheduling software lets businesses have a live view of production, to enable business growth and help identify any issues. Effective planning and resource management are essential to running an efficient window and door manufacturing business.

Read the Crystal Achievement Award media release on page 18-19 of the Window and Door magazine.

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