Soft Tech has just released its latest version of the Deployment Platform to customers.

The latest version (which automatically updates itself for both the Supplier and Fabricator,) contains 2 new important features:  

Fabricator Groups:

Fabricator Groups allows suppliers to group like-fabricators together.  They are then able to send the same update to one set of fabricators as well as easily manage their updates.

Custom Files:

Custom File allows suppliers to not only update V6 but attach any supporting files like reports, images, .ini files or library keys.


But wait, there’s more…

Along with these updated features, the team have been continuously working on the deployment of updates and making sure Deployment Platform is as robust as possible.

These changes coupled with improvements made in the latest versions of V6, allows for a more seamless and integrated update process. Another feature that should be highlighted is the ability to manage a network of V6 users.

The Soft Tech Deployment Platform has the feature to allow one user to receive the update from the Deployment Platform portal.  This is then saved to a shared location so other users will not need to download the files, therefore saving on bandwidth.

If you have not looked at Deployment Platform to see how it can improve your business, now is the time.
Talk with your Soft Tech Account Manager to find out more information, or Soft Tech System Suppliers can sign up today by simply emailing the Soft Tech support team at