Goodbye roof tiles and solar panels, and hello Solar Roof, the revolutionary Tesla roof tiles which are solar panels. But will these tiles disrupt the roof tile and solar panel industries?

Tesla, most known for their electric cars, has launched this sophisticated range of roof tiles/solar panels.  Solar Roof combines the Tesla battery and inverter to reduce the energy cost of a home. They look great, generate electricity, last longer and have an installed cost that is less than a normal roof plus electricity (we haven’t crunched the numbers on this one).

The key to extracting the value lies in the storage batteries and Tesla is building plants to meet the future demand for these.

Tesla offer a new industry benchmark guarantee: The life of the house or infinity, whichever is sooner! Elon Musk states that long after all the other parts of the house have disintegrated, the roof tiles, which are made of toughened glass, will still be in good order. 

Elon estimates that most houses in the USA have enough roof area to be self-sufficient in electricity use. He goes on to say that in 15 years it will be unusual to have a roof that is not a Solar Roof.

Watch Elon’s TED talk

In Elon’s words, Solar Roof tiles that cost less than roof tiles plus the cost of electricity are “economically a no brainer”.

Stay tuned to see how this affects the industries, the world and the environment. This man has already been a game changer for the auto industry with the Tesla, and is planning to revolutionize space travel next.