Architectural Window is a leading manufacturer and contractor of high performance aluminium windows primarily used in educational and high rise residential buildings.


Architectural Window was experiencing a bottleneck with getting shop drawings translated into factory paperwork necessary for production, due to the complex and customised nature of their orders.

The process relied on in-house database process which was difficult to use, required a large knowledge base and was error prone. The process would not adapt and allow for company growth.


Architectural Window implemented Soft Tech’s Manufacturing Solution to overcome the challenges they were facing. The software has allowed information from shop drawings to generate purchase orders and production engineering information, including cut lists and processing information.


15,000 Minutes
Saved every month by automating the manufacturing function.

400% Faster paper work
Completion of purchasing and production paperwork is now 400 per cent faster.

8x Improvement in Data Accuracy
Reports with real time, accurate data.

The implementation of Soft Tech’s solution:

  • has saved the company 15,000 minutes/month, by automating this manufacturing function.
  • allowed for an eight-fold data accuracy increase.
  • sees completion of purchasing and production paperwork 400 per cent faster.
  • is structured to deal with rules, flexible to use.
  • allows less qualified staff to use it with ease.


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