Wow, WHAT A SHOW! I’ll give GlassBuild 2018 the #1 highest ranking on these main accounts!

Quality of Engagements

From the moment we opened the show on Wednesday, September 11th to the last hour on Friday, September 14th, we had a steady stream of quality meetings. From existing customers wanting to deepen their relationship with us to prospects we’ve been working with that want to move forward, meeting after meeting we heard people saying things like, “We want to move that forward, when can we get this going?”

Additionally, we had multiple companies visit us I’d never heard of before. With over 20 years in the business and over 10,000 LinkedIn connections, it’s great to still see how the industry is growing.  There is always an opportunity to get to meet new people and be introduced to new manufacturers. What made these surprise meetings so valuable was the level of alignment of problems they were experiencing, and how these were a good fit with the solutions we provide.

I was speaking with our staff saying, “This is awesome, we set up a booth and people walk in saying ‘I want that!’  It can’t get any better than that.


What made GlassBuild the best, and most memorable ever was the amazing teamwork our staff had. From rallying to pick up loose ends and every angle of engagement on the booth, we had just an amazing group that not only made this show successful but, they made it a blast for our company and customers.

I’ve always said that you can take an ordinary group of people and do extraordinary things when there is good group dynamics. Well, we had extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. I was so proud of our team and how well they worked together for one purpose and one cause. Thank you Geoff Bonallack, Darryl Huber, Mahal Patel, Stewart McMillan and Murat Alis, for making GlassBuild 2018 the best show ever.

We look forward to see you at GlassBuild 2019!