We’ve just launched the date for our next Best Practise Webinar on the V6 Glass Configurator, taking place next month.

Wednesday 5 December 8am AEDT / Tuesday 4 December 4pm EST

The Glass Configurator allows you to easily specify many different types of glazing within your quotation. Do you buy your glass from different suppliers? With the Glass Configurator, you can set up various suppliers, and for each supplier, you can create a list of different glass strengths, colors and coatings etc.  

What types of glass do you offer – monolithic, laminated, double or triple glazed? See first hand how to specify the different layer structures in a lookup matrix and the Glass Configurator will take care of the rest.

Also; learn how to create your own glass report to send to suppliers, using quick reports.

Webinar image-1.jpg

We would like these webinars to be interactive, so encourage you during the webinar to please type your questions at any time via the GoToWebinar questions window, and we will answer those we can at end of the presentation.

We look forward to hosting you at our next Best Practise Webinar.