Integration is a hot topic in the window and door industry, but what is integration? Software integration is the process of linking together two different software applications. The software can then talk to each other and share data. This is an effective and efficient way of using important company data to save a business time and money.

A business can integrate different types of systems to meet their business requirements. Let’s examine the benefits of integrating scheduling and payroll software as an example.

No need for data entry

Scheduling software allows employees to effortlessly record their attendance which then feeds the data into the payroll system. This allows for accurate pays to be processed, without any data entry, saving the business time and money.

Increase in data accuracy

By integrating these two systems no data entry is required, eliminating human error and increasing data accuracy. Chasing errors from manual data entry takes up resources and results in lower productivity. Integration makes this a thing of the past.

Allows for better and quicker reporting

Businesses hold a lot of data, and this grows every day, so it’s important to ensure the data can be accessed easily and used to its full potential. Integrating your scheduling and payroll system streamlines employee and payroll reporting and allows management to dissect overtime, sick time and have a better understanding of human resource utilization.

Improves communication and teamwork

When attendance, payroll and employee records contain trusted data and the systems and information are accessible, this improves communication and teamwork, and eliminates confusion. This makes for happier employees to do their job efficiently and effectively knowing the data (and their pays) are accurate.

Motivated employees

Scheduling software allows employees to access their shifts easily, and payroll staff can access attendance records effortless to perform their roles. When systems work well together and tedious jobs like data entry are eradicated, staff feel happier and are more motivated.

Integrating your scheduling and payroll software comes with many business and employee benefits, talk to use today about your integration needs.

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