With the latest Drawing Module update, we are enabling users to customize their drawings by using their own customized title blocks.  This ensures that users have the ability to get the data they need from V6 into their drawings, through the use of tokens.

We are continually improving the available features of the Drawing Module by adding new ways of modifying your drawings in the Editor. For example being able to offset your dimension text with leader lines. Additionally we are improving the logic applied to the positioning of the drawings and automated dimensions by ensuring the dimensions are evenly spaced.

We want to ensure we meet the needs of all our customers which is why with this latest update of Drawing Module, we’re including additional functionality to support the North American market such as, ANSI paper sizes and options for fractional measurements.

If you have any enhancement requests, please submit these via the Soft Tech Support Portal.

For full details relating to all the new updates available in the latest Drawing Module release, please refer to the release notes stored on the Soft Tech Support Portal here.