Last week Wednesday, 1 August 2018, Soft Tech held our first developers workshop from our New Zealand office.  We hosted a user group of Prime Die Holder customers from across New Zealand for a one day workshop in an effort to work collaboratively with our customers.  We hoped this workshop would act as a platform to generate discussions around what is working and what can be improved, as well as give our customers some insight into where Soft Tech and V6 are headed in the future.

The workshop kicked off with a Road Map presentation from our CTO, Rowan Hick.  The Road Map presentation covered new features and planned releases, as well as the journey of where V6 is now and our plans for V6 going into the future.  The Road Map presentation was well received by the user group, with much interest and enthusiasm for the future plans within V6.

Best Practise methodology was a big focus for the workshop, as this will ensure the continuation of development on a consistent path with the Prime Die Holders, creating and working to a standard within V6 going forward.  Feyes Botha and Tuan Peiris from our Professional Services Team presented a best practise development session on report writing and library export changes in V6, followed by a presentation on milling attributes development and COM objectives, including features and functions in V6 v3.6.  John Hon from our Development Team presented on database setup on SQL server and maintenance plans.

Adam Kiss, Strategic Account Manager – APAC, managed the workshop and is optimistic at how well the New Zealand Prime Die Holders work together – “The aim of the New Zealand workshop was to create a collaborative face to face environment for our key customers, where Soft Tech can share information and recommend Best Practise methodology. These workshops are a good opportunity to engage, share information and identify common development requirements, also assisting Soft Tech to create future strategies for delivery.”

Adam closed the workshop with an open discussion around communication, questions on best practise information and the option to host additional workshops, which was well received by the user group.  “We aim to hold these workshops in New Zealand every six months moving forward” said Adam.

Jon Taylor, V6 Development and Integration Manager of Omega Windows and Doors attended the workshop.  He felt the workshop presenters were authentic and well organised, and attending has re-kindled his enthusiasm for partnering with Soft Tech.  John said “The user group is an important forum for us to share ideas and raise possibilities for joint projects etc.  Looking forward to the next one.”