V6 v3.7 Product Documentation is now available on Freshdesk

We’ve recently added the product documentation relating to V6 v3.7 in the FreshDesk Support portal for existing customers.
Please see details below of where to find the new documentation, and what new items have been added.


Log In here – The V6 v3.7 product documentation will be visible as soon as you log in to the Freshdesk customer portal:



The V6 v3.7 product documentation have been split into the following categories:

New Features

This page lists all the V6 v3.7 new features and provide links to a description of each new feature. The New Feature descriptions then link off to related procedures.

Procedures (how to perform a task)

The procedures are split into the following categories: Using V6, Configuring V6, Customizing V6 and Maintaining V6.

Overview Topics

Documents that provide context about a V6 feature, e.g. Gaskets


Macros referred to throughout the V6 v3.7 documentation.

Video Series

A quick overview of some of the new features from a user’s point of view.


For any further support, please contact us on [email protected]