…for steel window and door manufacturers.

While you’re adapting to a new normal in how we do business with social distancing and remote working, ‘the show must go on’. Those steel window and door manufacturers equipped with digital technologies, including for estimation and factory floor control, are better positioned for this brave new era, simply because these systems by their nature facilitate hands-free work. Social distancing, in other words, is made easier with good business systems.

That’s as true for social distancing as it is for business as usual. In a time when we can expect softening demand, it’s never been better for the introduction of systems and processes which boost efficiency and minimize waste.

Steel windows and doorsFor steel window and door manufacturers, there are a number of issues which have proven tricky for estimation and production management systems. I’m pleased to let you know that these are all tough nuts that Soft Tech has cracked in our V6 software. With V6, you get straight through processing from design, to estimation, to manufacture. That means fast and efficient processes, including quotes, accurate requirements, precise drawings, and a bill of materials which eliminates waste. It’s all digital, which means no mistakes and no shifting bits of paper or spreadsheets around.

Steel door lockboxSpecific to steel windows and doors, Soft Tech engineers have solved the headache of lockboxes, with accurate positioning (of muntins and grids, too) and proper configuration of Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) and True Divided Lite (TDL). Drawings and elevations generated in V6 are reliable, accurate and precise – with the flexibility to handle any job, including custom architecturally designed items.

Precision carries through to the Bill of Materials data, which is complete and accurate every time. Further, with V6 your National Fenestration Rating Council labels are automatically generated and correct every time.

Accurate pricing and estimation is at the heart of V6 and that applies for steel windows and doors as much as it does to any other fenestration products. Estimation covers every aspect of your product, including all materials right down to primer and paint (you can even manage in house painting and optimize ordering), all hardware and fixings, and labor. That means your estimate is accurate to the penny, so the exact production cost isn’t guesswork, but absolute certainty.

Integrating V6 into your existing business systems

Soft Tech V6 is built to integrate with your other business systems, too. Customized reporting starts with factory floor insights including production performance, Drill & Cut activity and more. When integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting systems, further insights including financial performance against production figures are at your fingertips.

There’s a reason Soft Tech is the world leader for steel window and door manufacturers, with customers including Hope’s, Euroline, Arcadia and more.

Boost your efficiency, eliminate waste, and accelerate productivity. We’re ready, able, and willing to help digitize and automate your operations now for benefits which will take your business into the future of digital manufacturing.

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