Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been accepted as one of the future technologies set to play a major role in our daily lives.

Once only described as science fiction in movies, and to some it may still be considered futuristic, Artificial Intelligence is already starting to appear through the various devices and platforms we use today.

  • Do you ever get suggestions from Netflix on what movies to watch?
  • Do you ever get recommendations from Amazon on what products to order?
  • Does LinkedIn ever suggest a prescripted text as your reply to a person’s chat message?
  • Do you find your responses coming from a chatbot through online chat platforms?

All those suggestions are from Artificial Intelligence applications that are guiding our shopping, entertainment, socializing and other areas of our lives.

The whole logic behind AI is to make suggestions on what to watch, write or shop for according to previous behavior or the behavior of a similar group of people. So, these machines are learning our behavior as we use them in our daily lives.

Do they learn well? Can they compete with humans?

If we compare machine learning with human learning, the major difference between the two will be imagination. Machine learning will be based only on the reflections of what we or a similar group of people are already doing. However human learning has much deeper aspects, continually developing a set of soft skills as we experience, think, imagine and create new ideas.

That brings us to the next comparison: Artificial Software vs Human Software.

Artificial software will offer standard solutions and suggestions based on past experiences, or those experiences of companies’ similar to your own. Today most of the software companies in the world produce artificial software, and although they do the job, they don’t think like a human would. With artificial software, your business will continue to run as it is, like a river following a set path, but is that really all you are wanting to achieve?

Contrary to popular belief, I feel the companies who produce human software will save our future. These companies will learn your business, and imagine and suggest the best solutions for you and your business. These suggestions won’t be reflections of what you already do in your business today, but they will rather be new ideas borne out of your specific needs and bring best practise, innovation and dynamism to your business.

Don’t let AI prevent you from thinking.  Do your own research to open up other options available to you.
Are you ready for a human journey?