Details of case study

Automated quotes, reduced wastage, monetary savings by one of our clients, Architectural Profiles Limited (APL).


Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) offers a range of residential and commercial window systems, including energy-efficient ThermalHEART products, the APL Architectural Series, Metro Series and the Smartwood composite range.


APL needed to automate and streamline manual processes and workflows between their internal systems and that of their manufacturing customer’s business. They also needed to improve the accuracy of quoting and pricing to reduce wastage and optimise the lengths of profiles used in jobs.


APL implemented Soft Tech’s Estimation Software to overcome the challenges they were facing. The software has allowed manual processes to be automated including generating quotes. Estimators can now measure and enter the details into the system and invoices are automatically generated.


• Improved quoting and ordering accuracy which has led to monetary savings due to a reduction in wastage.
• Electronic importation of orders and automated scheduling has created significant workflow improvements.
• The automatic calculation of optimum profile requirements has meant greater accuracy and less wastage.
• APL and Soft Tech have worked together to develop and improve systems and processes in NZ’s window manufacture and fabrication industry.

Mr Craig Vincent, CEO at APL was quoted saying “Soft Tech has very good software and I am confident that the continuation of our ongoing relationship will produce positive results for NZ’s window and door manufacturing industry for many more years to come.”

Mr Vincent went on to say that Soft Tech has accumulated over 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise which has led to the development of industry leading software.

For more information about APL visit their website.