Leading producer of true aluminium fire-rated window and door systems Aluflam, has signed a revolutionary deal to automate their business.

Signed earlier this month, the project gives Aluflam an entirely new platform that will streamline and automate their window and door business, from design, quoting and manufacturing.

It took Aluflam a while to find the perfect solution, the business needed a platform that would meet their complex needs, taking Aluflam to the next step.

“Soft Tech’s solution can be personalized to suit our needs, this was key to our decision, giving us freedom to grow our business” said President of Aluflam, Peter Lindgren.

Aluflam has built a reputation for efficiency and accuracy by continually investing in equipment and improving their legacy systems to their limit. Now at a tipping point, to get to the next level, they needed to find a better solution.

Commenting on the deal, Soft Tech Vice President of Sales, Mitch Lewandowski said “Aluflam design very complex and specialized window and door systems, they needed a customized solution to suit their needs.”

Mr Lewandowski is thrilled about the endless possibilities that will benefit Aluflam. He says that from the beginning of their discussions, it was Soft Tech’s goal to help Aluflam grow their business far beyond their current system capabilities and that this partnership will help Peter and his team realize this goal.

More about… Soft Tech provides software for the window and door industry. The company has a reputation for providing fast and accurate design, estimation and manufacturing solutions. It supports over 10,000 window and door manufacturers, dealers and suppliers globally, including some of world’s largest and most complex businesses. Founded in 1988, Soft Tech now has offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Turkey and India.


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