Are you still using a drop saw or a stamping machine to manufacture windows and doors? Do you want to put an end to these manual, costly and time-consuming processes?

Connecting a CNC and automation software allows companies, big and small, to take on competitors. With better technical knowledge and backed up by the technology and machine, companies can produce quality products at affordable prices.

The key benefits that CNCs and automation software offer:

1. Streamlined processes

Design software sends the customer order to the automation software, which then transfers it to the CNC to start the manufacturing. It’s that simple and only takes a few minutes! Think about how long your current process takes?

Processes within and between departments/teams are streamlined saving everyone time and increasing productivity.

2. Lower operating costs

Operating costs lower due to:

• machines being able to perform the work of between three and five staff (depending on the task).
• streamlined processes and increased accuracy means no waste and no need to spend time redoing jobs.

These make manufacturing cheaper, which cuts cost and raises profit.

3. Improved workplace safety

Factory staff no longer perform dangerous tasks like using drop saws and stamping machines. The CNC completes that work and therefore accidents are reduced, making you and your staff feel safer.

4. Optimal staff utilization

As the repetitive and tedious tasks are being performed by machines, your staff can be more focused on strategic and high-level tasks that use their expertise. This allows manufacturing staff to focus on improving efficiencies on the factory floor.

5. Better use of floor space

Machines are designed to be as compact as possible and save you valuable floor space. Automating your production line allows you to design the floor space to ensure processes flow more efficiently, saving you time.

6. Consistent and improved production & quality

Machines are accurate to the 0.01mm and can produce this repeatedly, which means your factory will manufacture quality products consistently.

7. Increased production

Companies that have implemented manufacturing automation software and a CNC have reported performing processes 3.5 times quicker than before. Where a process took 3.5 hours, it now only takes 1 hour.

Not only can equipment be running for longer periods of time, but it also frees up staff to perform other tasks. This increased production output can outperform competitors who produce simpler or lower quality products.

8. Be more competitive

Manufacturing automation software allow you to decrease manufacturing times and cost-per-product whilst improving quality. These allow you to better compete on a global scale.

9. Reduced waste and environmental impact

With the combination of 0.01mm accuracy and streamlined processes, companies reduce their wastage, require less space and save energy with automation. Reducing your environmental footprint can save you money.

10. Keep local jobs

If you are considering moving your manufacturing to a location with lower labor costs, incorporate automation in your factory. This will increase your productivity and profits, so you can keep your company in the current location.

Are ready to take on your competitors head-on? Manufacturing automation software and a CNC will give you the competitive advantage you need, with increased production, lower operating costs and improved production quality.

If you want to start the new year on a new page and stand out in the crowded marketplace, then you need to get manufacturing automation software and a CNC.