Thank you for showing interest in our QuickQuote Software.

Small business solution for quoting and estimating. Below is an outline into what this software option can offer. 


  • Unlimited volumes of quotes/clients/frames/orders/finishes
  • Simple pricing modules
  • Select from standard products and resize to suit
  • Fast re-cost and ‘what-if’ features
  • 3D Graphic Configurator
  • Creating quality graphical quote reports for your customers
  • Quoting
  • Reporting
  • Maintaining pricing if applicable
  • Backups


  1. Company logo included on reports
  2. Modifications to existing sample quote formats
  3. Creating specific quote format report outside of our samples
  4. Optional set of window and door styles

The above 4 applies to taking your current sheets from which you calculate retail frame pricing and incorporating them into QuickQuote.

These essentially work in a standard spreadsheet/matrix format which you can interrogate.


Enter Customer Details:

Enter Customer Details_cropped

Various reports available:

Reports Available_Cropped

Options for frame colour, glass etc.:

Artboard 1

All frames can be displayed in 3D format to scale:


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