QuickQuote Small Business Solution

Advancing your business through the use of our QuickQuote software solution, a quick and simple window and door quoting software.

Partnering with Soft Tech can not only solve your current challenges, we can give you the ability to grow and scale your business in a way that your current systems would never allow.  

Need more than just quoting?

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QuickQuote is a comprehensive Estimating and Quoting software solution for the Window and Door industry. Unlike a full license, QuickQuote is designed for the sales, quoting and order management of whole windows and doors only.

Customizing QuickQuote

We understand every business is unique, so Soft Tech’s software has been designed to allow for customization and personalisation to meet the specific business rules and user preferences.

Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and to tailor QuickQuote to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Standard customizations are covered in the licence agreement package at time of initial implementation, with optional customization available on further discussion.

Training your team

While Soft Tech’s products are always designed to be as simple to use as possible for our customers, ensuring your staff are adequately trained will ensure you get the most out of your implementation.

Our training program for QuickQuote is generally handled via an online Webinar with your staff. The duration would be 2 hours.

Should additional training be required, we can schedule that on an “as-needed” bases either onsite or remote. 

Partnering for Longer Term Success

Soft Tech begin every engagement with in depth discussions to understand your business. We listen and hold off talking about technology. Our 20 years of experience has endowed our professional services team with deep industry knowledge. During the discovery process, out team imparts this wisdom in engaging conversations. Soft Tech's mission is to go beyond a software license for aluminum doors and windows. We build business cases, work on database schema's and are side by side with training your team during and after implementation.

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Please note: QuickQuote does not break down frames to include bill of materials, cuttings list, shop drawings etc. 

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