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Advancing your business through the use of our Soft Tech Basics software solution, a quick and simple window and door quoting software.

Partnering with Soft Tech can not only solve your current challenges, we can give you the ability to grow and scale your business in a way that your current systems would never allow. 

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Soft Tech Basics is a Matrix based Estimating and Quoting online hosted software solution for the Window and Door industry. Unlike a full license, Soft Tech Basics is designed for the sales, quoting and ordering of whole windows and doors only.

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Customizing Soft Tech Basics

We understand every business is unique, so Soft Tech’s software has been designed to allow for customization and personalization to meet the specific business rules and user preferences.

Some standard customization's are covered in the monthly licence at the time of initial implementation, with optional customization available on further discussion.


Soft Tech Basics is a lite version of software designed around your existing pricing modules. 

The software allows you to select items from a standard list of products, create quality graphics in the 3D configurator, and produce quote reports and orders for your customers.



A monthly subscription of USD $195 will ensure you receive 24/7 cloud access to Soft Tech Basics where you can create quick, accurate and professional quotes for your customers.

The Soft Tech support team will be available via email to answer any questions not covered in the user guide.


User Video Series

For a more in-depth demonstration on how Soft Tech Basics works, take a look at our User Video Series via the link below.


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